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HVAC Glossary of Terms


Absorbent - when one substance can absorb another substance

Accumulator - a small cylinder like container that is installed in the suction line of heating and cooling systems to prevent any liquids from going into the compressor

Air Balance –  a term used in the HVAC fields that describes the distribution of air through an hvac system to exactly match the amount needed.

Air Conditioner - a type of device that controls the temperature by heating or cooling the air in an area.

Air Handler - an hvac term to describe the heat transferring, the fan blower, and the housing parts of an hvac system

Air infiltration - when unwanted air enters because of a leakage, wind blowing, or the temperature difference

Air Vent - a valve that can be manual or automatic, that can be used to get rid of the unwanted air from a piping system

Allergen –  any type of substance that will cause an allergic reaction because of someones bodies sensitivity to that particular substance

Ambient Air – a term used to describe any air that is outside a building or device

Attic – the area that is right below the roof, and right above the ceiling

Attic Fan - a type of fan that can be found in an attic, used to remove warm air outside of the attic

Blower - the fan inside of the AC that will take the filtered air directly from the return duct right over the heat exchange or indoor coil

Breathing Zone –  this is any area where an occupant can breathe

British Thermal Unit (BTU) – an amount of heat needed to bring the temperature of 1lb of h20 one degree Fahrenheit, which is also equal to 252 calories.

Carbon Dioxide (co2) –  a gas that is non-combustible, colorless and odorless.  It can be formed by the respiration of any animal or plant.

Carbon Monoxide (co) - This gas is poisonous – it has no color or odor to it – It’s formed when there is an incomplete combustion of any type of carbon compound

Ceiling Plenum - space below the floor, right above the ceiling that is suspended – this spaces pressure is negative.  It will accommodate the electrical and mechanical devices and used by part of the air distribution system

Central Air Conditioning - a type of cooling system that usually uses ducts to cool rooms in a home

Central Air Handling Unit - basically the same thing as an air handling unit, but it will take care of multiple rooms

CFM (cubic feet per minute) - this is the air amount in cubic feet that will flow through a particular space in exactly one minute. For every ton there is 400 cfm

Combustion Air - Air that will provide the needed oxygen for a clean combustion, with a maximum heat value.

Compressor - a device that will compress refrigerant and raise its pressure

Condensor - the part of a heat pump or air conditioner where where the refrigerant will turn from a gas into a liquid, as it is cooled or depressurized.




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